What Is It?

While the LE3 models have power Bimini tops, REGENCY® DL3 models come standard with the QUICKLIFT® Bimini top deployment system.

This design uses gas struts in the support arms that make it easy to deploy the top—so easy that one person can do it alone.

In addition, there are handles on both sides that snap onto the railing when in trailering position to keep the top in place, and then snap in place when the top is deployed to keep it secure while cruising.

How To Use It

When the top is securely in the trailering position, push the release trigger on each latch and unsnap it from the rail clip. Then, grab port side arm and pull/push it forward until it reaches the radar position. Click the latches down on both sides.

If you haven’t already done so, remove the protective boot and stow it away.

Then, grab the forward-most canopy support bar and pull/push it all the way forward. Unsnap each tie-down strap and secure it to the railing loop and tighten.

And that’s it! 

LE3 Powered Bimini

Power Bimini Top buttons

LE3 models feature Bimini top power up and down controls at the helm.

DL3 Quicklift Bimini

quicklift bimini top handle

DL3 models feature the QUICKLIFT deployment system, allowing 1 person to effortlessly extend the Bimini top canopy by themselves.

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