Every 2020 and prior REGENCY® features the RAIL-LOCK® mooring cover-mounting system, which consists of grooves designed into the perimeter railing. Cams in the mooring cover can be easily pushed into these grooves, securing the cover without the need for unsightly snaps. It also features a removable bow extension. The cover is so secure, you can even trailer the boat with the cover installed!

The cover itself is standard on LE3 and LE3 Sport models, and optional on DL3 models.

250 le3 boat cover
250 le3 boat cover

How To Use It

To install the mooring cover, start by rolling the bow extension over the front of the boat and attaching the straps to the Z-bars under the deck. Then unroll/extend the cover over the entire boat, installing the interior support poles as you go. These poles will help ensure precipitation and debris run off the cover.

After you have the boat covered, install the cams into the slots in the rails and attach the velcro pieces around the Bimini top. Attach the aft tie-down straps and you’re done! Your boat is now protected from the elements!

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