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Boat Financing Basics

Boat show season is coming soon, and with it the opportunity to take advantage of the best deals of the year. Avoid sensory overload on the showroom floor, or especially in the finance office by planning ahead.

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Why Buy a Pontoon Boat?

Is a Pontoon right for you?  From entertaining to cruising to watersports, pontoon boats are versatile, fun and comfortable—they’re like family rooms on the water that can do it all. 

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OuterArmor Mooring Covers

New for 2021 model year, we now offer an improved mooring cover that easily installs for storage and trailering.

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STOW MORE Seat Storage System

Our exclusive STOW MORE™ seat storage system pairs underseat storage compartments with seat-back compartments in certain lounges to provide you even more space for keeping your gear. In addition, the seat-back compartments are accessible without even having to get up!

front of regency boat with diamond coat logs and trailer
Custom Trailers

Want to keep your boat at home? We offer an optional trailer with every REGENCY® model. To ensure top-quality towing, we custom-make every trailer to fit the boat sitting on it, and then load it with plenty of convenience and quality features for the long haul.

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Maintenance Tips

So you get the most of your boat, we recommend a few easy practices and products for keeping your boat clean and better protected.

Luxury Unleashed


Side view of a docked 220 DL3 Pontoon


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a kid and a dog looking at the water on a regency boat


Regency boat with american flag and bimini top up


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