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Premium Peace of Mind

REGENCY® craftspeople put a lot of care into ensuring every detail of every model comes together just right.

Below-deck or above, every component you see—as well as those you can’t—has been curated and crafted to assure you and your guests enjoy years of smooth, safe outings on the water. Look closer and see the strength beneath the luxury.

Every REGENCY pontoon boat rides on three 26”-diameter pontoon logs that provide great flotation, stability and overall performance. In addition, we craft every log using sheets of .100 marine-grade aluminum that are cut using plasma cutters to exact specifications for a perfect fit and finish every time.

In addition, every pontoon log is multichambered and pressure-tested to assure peace of mind through years of outings. And, they all feature our DIAMOND COAT™ powdercoating, which provides an easy-to-clean and extremely sleek finish for years to come. That same powdercoating is used on the railings and Bimini hardware as well!

diamond coat logs
diamond coat railing

Having a REGENCY pontoon boat is like having a living room on the water. And to ensure the experience is a safe and stable as possible, we put a lot of thought into creating an extremely durable deck structure. It tarts with the M-shaped brackets attached to the top of the pontoon logs. The brackets act like the foundation of a house by providing a solid base for the extruded Z-bar cross members bolted to them. On the outboard sides, the brackets are full-length to provide added support along the full length of the boat. On the inside, though, they’re staggered to allow access to cables and wiring.

If the M-brackets are the foundation, the Z-bars are like the floor joists of the house. They run the full width of the boat and are variable spaced below the deck to provide support where needed without adding unnecessary weight. In addition, the Z-bars feature a box-beam structure to ensure there are no exposed fasteners below deck. Speaking of the deck—we use ¾”-thick, seven-ply, pressure treated marine decking that is warranted for the life of the boat. The deck is secured to the Z-bars with TEK fasteners that friction weld to the bars, creating a solid structure. In addition, every REGENCY features U-frame assemblies at the bow and stern that tie the Z-bars together and add even more strength.

construction of boat

Above deck is the part of the REGENCY you’ll interact with the most, and we go to extra lengths to ensure everything there is just as long-lasting as it is luxurious.To do so, we use 1 ¼” aluminum rails that sit upon rail spacers to allow for draining and ventilation. We also install sound- and vibration-deadening insulation strips between the fence and railings for a quieter ride.

And the furniture receives the same care. Every REGENCY couch and lounge is rotomolded in-house with deep storage, including our exclusive STOW MORE™ seat storage system. And then we upholster all the furniture with marine-grade materials that are designed to stand up to water, sun and other elements for years. And for comfort, we use multiple densities of foam and our exclusive suspension system.ll that, combined with marine-grade wiring harnesses, fiberglass consoles and more result in a line of pontoon boats that are as long-lasting and rugged as they are luxurious and comfortable. And it’s all backed by our 10+LIFE™ warranty.

sewing upholstery
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