Custom Trailers

Travel with Ease

REGENCY® offers an optional trailer for those who might want to travel with their boat over land.We make our own trailers in-house and custom-fit them to the model they support. In addition, we include extra features to enhance the on-the-road experience, including brakes, tongue jacks, LED lighting and more.

Every trailer frame features our exclusive GALVASHIELD Impact protection, providing exceptional corrosion and chip resistance and rugged good looks that will stand up to the elements for years to come. The GALVASHIELD Impact trailer finish is a 5-mil. thick, matte black, textured powdercoat that improves corrosion resistance while adding chip resistance. The steel tubing is galvanized on the outside and inside and sealed with a flexible clearcoat before it arrives at our plant in Ozark, Missouri.

The trailer frame and components are put through a five-stage wash and then thoroughly dried to ensure perfect adhesion of the powdercoat to the metal. For the application of the finish, the trailer components receive an electrostatic charge, which attracts the opposite charge in the powdercoat particles. This assures thorough coverage, uniform thickness and minimal waste, all while having virtually no environmental effect. The GALVASHIELD Impact finish is then heated to its melting point as it bonds securely to the galvanized metal at the molecular level. The result is a harder, longer-lasting and environmentally friendly finish that protects against corrosion and chipping.

GALVASHEILD Impact infographic

3-Year Warranty Protection 

Our GALVASHIELD tubing, with its baked-on powder-coat finish, offers industry-leading warranty protection against failure due to corrosion for three years.

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